EBEC Challenge Spain 2018

EBEC Challenge Spain is one of the national rounds of the European BEST Engineering Competition Challenge (EBEC Challenge).
It will take place at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Case Study

A real business or engineering challenge that could arise in the future professional activity of the participants.

Team Design

A practical solution to an engineering problem, with real materials and a limited time for the final design and execution of the project.

Passion, Creativity, Discovery

Technology university students from all over Spain are challenged to solve the tasks proposed by BEST.

EBEC Challenge

EBEC Challenge Spain is the second phase of the international engineering competition EBEC Challenge.

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BEST is an apolitical non-profit organization made up of students from all over Europe with the mission and vision of enriching university education.

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Currently, BEST is present in six Spanish universities, where it works through local groups

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