Nationals & Regional Phases

The second phase of the competition.

With the goal of further acquiring transversal skills (like teamwork and creativity testing) the winning teams of the local rounds move to the next phase. This time they will compete on a national or regional level (if there are not enough universities to carry out a national phase). 

As in the previous phase, the participants can face two modalities:

  • Case Study: solvinga problem in a theoretic level.
  • Team Design: buildinga real prototype.
Competiciones en fase Regional y Nacional
Regional Alpe-Adria
National FranceNational Portugal
Regional Balkans
National GreeceNational Romania & Republic of Moldova
Regional Baltic
National ItalyNational Spain
Regional Benelux
Regional NordicNational Turkey
Regional Central
National PolandNational Ukraine
EBEC Spain

This year, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid hosts the tenth Spanish Round. A total of 48 students (4 teams for modality, with 4 students each) from Universidad de Valladolid, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya will compete on April 21st-23th in this university.

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